Glammer Planner™

Manage your Wardrobe. Enhance your Clothing Memory.

Look your Best.

Where did I wear this last? With Glammer Planner now you will know.

At last month’s event, did you wear the blue chifon or the black semi-formal? At your last client meeting, did you wear your favorite navy blazer, or was it the black blazer?

With Glammer Planner™, you will know what you wore, where you wore it, if you lent it or shared it, and how you felt. Glammer Planner™ will be your clothing memory.

This idea came to me while downsizing and minimizing. If you are like me, you find yourself wearing your favorite items again and again. It would be nice to keep track.

As my 100 year old grandmother, Kay, says “Buy one less dress.” This lovely philosophy allows her to be organized, efficient and generous with her extra money while being elegantly dressed.

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